What We Offer

 At BADEA Transcontinental Consulting (BTCC) Inc., we offer a diverse range of logistics and supply chain solutions designed to meet your unique needs. 

Embark on a journey across the seas with our Sea Freight services. We navigate the complexities of international waters to ensure your cargo arrives safely and cost-effectively.
Take to the skies with our Air Freight services, designed for swift and secure cargo transport. We’re your trusted partner for timely deliveries around the world.
Navigating the highways and byways, our Road Freight offerings offer flexibility and reliability, making us the choice for seamless land-based logistics.

Railroads are the arteries of commerce, and our Rail Freight services keep your cargo flowing smoothly. Discover the benefits of rail transportation with us.

When size matters, our Oversized Freight services rise to the challenge. We specialize in handling large and heavy shipments with precision and care